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Vote for your favourite film!

Which film of the E.O.F.T. 18/19 did you like best?

The European Outdoor Film Tour Audience Award: Be part of the jury and vote for your favourite film.

We raffle off 3 ZEISS binoculars among all participants!
  • The A.O.
  • Frozen Mind
  • North of Nightfall
  • Viacruxis
  • Mbuzi Dume - Strong Goat
  • 8000+
  • A to B Rollerski
  • The Frenchy

Before we can make your vote count, we’ll need your e-mail address.

Almost done! Just one more thing: would you please tell us where you’ve visited the E.O.F.T. 18/19?

  • Amsterdam
  • Milano
  • Almere
  • Füssen
  • Wien
  • Udine
  • Zwolle
  • Torino
  • Nijmegen
  • Pforzheim


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